29 Jun 2021

Paychex takes care of your payroll

You’re an international company with employees in Germany? With Paychex, your payroll is in the best hands.

Employees in Germany, no branch office: Let Paychex take care of your payroll for you.

Does your company employ one or more workers in Germany without actually maintaining a registered office in Germany? Even in this case, as a foreign employer you must comply with the German regulations on payroll accounting. This can get complicated. However, you can also tackle this by simply outsourcing payroll accounting for German employees to Paychex.

Even if a foreign company does not have a registered office in Germany, it must ensure that its payroll accounting in Germany complies with regulations:

  • Wage tax and social insurance contributions must be correctly calculated and paid on time
  • Numerous mandatory reports to the social insurance institutions must be submitted
  • Payroll must be kept in accordance with regulations
  • Necessary certificates must be issued

Fortunately, you can fully outsource all these tasks. With Paychex, you have a professional payroll service provider at your disposal. We have decades of experience in payroll accounting on behalf of international employers.

Paychex takes care of payroll for your employees in Germany – simply and reliably.


A smart decision for your company and your employees

Payroll accounting in Germany is a complex task. It can pose difficulties for companies from abroad. Outsourcing German payroll accounting therefore makes sense both from a business management and a risk management and compliance perspective.
You also lighten the workload of your employees on site. Employees with an employer not based in Germany become liable for paying German income tax in its place. You are required to make advance income tax payments and to calculate the correct amounts. When Paychex handles this for you, the payroll tax arrives at the tax office in the correct amount on the stipulated date, and the net wage arrives in your employee's bank account.

Our payroll experts know when payments are due and what reports have to be submitted. Your company won't have to deal with any of it.


Paychex takes care of your payroll

When you entrust Paychex and the related payment services with your German payroll, we take care of the following:

  • Determine wage tax to be paid and transfer the quarterly advance payments to the tax office
  • Deduct total social insurance contribution: all contributions accruing to statutory health and long-term care insurance, statutory pension insurance, unemployment insurance and statutory accident insurance
  • Take care of registration of employees for social insurance
  • Arrange for the digital transmission of all necessary reports and contribution statements
  • In addition: If you wish, we will gladly act as your legally authorized German representative for social security matters. Of course, we retain all your wage and salary records as required
  • We are aware of due dates and obligations. We understand that as a foreign employer you can be exempt from some payments such as the insolvency levy. And should it become necessary, we can recommend excellent lawyers and tax advisors

Outsourcing your payroll to us also makes things a lot easier on your employees.


Choose a payroll partner who meets your demands for quality and competence

Your payroll partner in Germany should meet the quality requirements and compliance standards of your company. Paychex guarantees the very highest level of service.

From small businesses to global corporations, we have been providing individual payroll services for many decades. Our customers appreciate the reliable, legally compliant and trouble-free handling of their payroll accounting. Paychex Deutschland is part of a globally established brand. We work with subsidiary branches in many countries and know how internationally active companies operate.

Paychex has been one of the top providers of professional payroll accounting in Germany for decades and has served an international clientele for many years. What can we do for you?



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