Employee interview: "We provide a convenient, one-stop solution"

Ralf Zander is our expert for international customers and tax advisors. In the following short interview, he talks about the key benefits of payroll outsourcing for international and German companies - and tells us what he especially likes about his job at Paychex.

Can you tell us what you do at Paychex?

I am usually the first point of contact after a prospective client contacts us about outsourcing their payroll.

During this discussion, there is a preliminary assessment of the company’s needs. I then explain our approach, the necessary registrations (for example, those required of international companies in Germany), and what a productive collaboration with Paychex would look like.

I specialize in international companies (without a permanent German office) that employ staff here in Germany and are therefore required to prepare German payroll settlements. I also support tax consulting firms who would like to outsource their payroll accounting and, of course, companies in Germany who need payroll assistance.


What do you think makes Paychex so special as a company?

We have a team of employees with many years of experience that our customers can always rely on. We’re therefore able to respond to specific and individual concerns.

Our payroll specialists can be reached directly by phone or email - with us, you don't have to navigate through a call center in order to ask you payroll specialist a quick question. Since our payroll specialists can be contacted directly, it’s almost as if they’re employed at the relevant company. Each company is also assigned its own payroll specialist, who is responsible for the company’s payroll settlement. This is what sets us apart - we are simply a highly qualified partner for our customers.


When it comes to payroll outsourcing, what distinguishes international companies?

For international companies in particular, there are several things to consider to ensure that payroll runs comply with the law. This includes the necessary registrations, which we can handle on behalf of the company, or, for example, assistance with audits conducted by German social insurance agencies.

We can represent the company in accordance with Section 28f (1b) of the German Social Security Code (SGB IV), which has been mandatory since 2021. We also take care of any communication with social insurance agencies, for example. These are all things that an international company needs to be aware of. And we ensure that the company can be confident that this is all done in a legally compliant manner.


How do international companies benefit from outsourcing payroll to us?

Our payroll specialists are English-speaking. They can accordingly explain the complex and sometimes complicated German payroll process in English and also help with specific issues.

We further have our own online portal, which can be displayed in either German or English. Through the portal, data exchange and communication are fully GDPR-compliant. Moreover, documents such as the monthly pay slip can be prepared in English if required.

We provide a convenient, one-stop solution: In the current payroll process, we only ask once a month what salary an employee should receive. Then we take care of the calculations, reporting, and certifications. The company only needs to transfer the appropriate amounts. This makes it extremely easy and efficient for companies.


What is the cooperation with tax advisors like?

We work with many tax advisors in Germany who no longer wish to provide payroll services for their clients, but still want to offer them the full range of services.

In preparing the payrolls, we can either do it in direct contact with the client or the tax advisor. We can offer highly customized services for tax consultants and are also happy to take on the rather "disliked" and complex area of construction wage accounting. In this way, we create the necessary freedom for the tax advisors to take on new clients or to concentrate on their high-margin core business.

I really enjoy devising and implementing a tailor-made and efficient cooperation with tax advisors.


What is the best thing about your job?

Helping different companies and tax advisors in the area of payroll processing and providing them with the most effective solutions!