Paychex partner program

A comprehensive service portfolio is the first step towards growing your client base. Paychex' partner program allows you to do so without inundating your personnel or expending precious resources.

Participating in Paychex’ partner program grants you the opportunity to expand your service portfolio with minimal effort and at no operative costs. Relaying clients in need of expertly conducted payroll accounting to us will earn you a commission while increasing the trust in your – and by extension our – brand. Therefore, the program aims at initiating mutually beneficial growth.

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How can Paychex improve my company’s productivity?

Multiple aspects need to be taken into consideration when selecting a suitable partner for your payroll accounting requirements . As the subsidiary of a Nasdaq-listed parent company, Paychex Germany offers a tremendous amount of expertise, which enables us to process your clients’ payslips on-time while taking heed of the necessary documentation and bureaucratic correspondence. Our services aim at reducing their efforts by:

  • Providing your clients with more than 100 readily available payroll experts at all times – thus preventing arrears commonly observed as a result of understaffing
  • Connecting them with English-speaking contacts in order to establish custom services
  • Freeing up capacities in regard to money, time and manpower, which can be utilized to strengthen your clients’ core businesses

The above-mentioned bullet points serve as the reason why Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) has become one of the top future trends among small and medium-sized companies. The delegation of tasks and processes that are not directly tied to the respective firm’s success enables corporations to focus on what is most important: Their actual business model.

What does a partnership with Paychex look like?

  • I) Fulfillment partnership

    I) Fulfillment partnership

    Companies that are interested in providing HR and payroll services for internationally operating clients which have not (yet) established a suitable infrastructure within Germany are encouraged to outsource the administration of their clients’ payroll process to us. Benefits of such a partnership include:

    • An instantaneous expansion of your existing service portfolio with little to no further effort on your part
    • Releasing your clients from the obligation of familiarizing themselves with statutory regulations specific to Germany’s legislature
    • You being able to either oversee the communication between your clients and Paychex as a host or transferring all communicative responsibilities to us
  • II) Lead partnership

    II) Lead partnership

     A lead partnership enables you to forward your own customers’ contact information for a tipster commission, which is paid out following the successful onboarding of every client recommended by your company. Benefits include:

    • The ability to quickly provide your customers with an adequate payroll solution – increasing trust in your capability to satiate your clients’ needs through mediation
    • A mutual exchange of customer service requests for a tipster commission
  • III) Sales partnership

    III) Sales partnership

    A sales partnership is aimed primarily at companies that employ their own sales teams and intend to expand their service portfolio as well as their overall sales volume.

    • Similar to a fulfillment partnership, clients can either act as a host or outsource customer communication to us
    • Can generate extremely profitable commissions

    Making use of our partner program is not going to result in further operating expenses for you. Instead, service execution will be in its entirety handled by Paychex.

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