The Digital HR Office

Get to know our Digital HR Office as part of our payroll service package.

With the Digital HR Office, you have straightforward access to your confidential personnel records. All payroll accounting data is easily accessible, and you can communicate in a secure and legally compliant manner with all parties: employees, employer, tax accountant, and service provider of payroll processing. Everything is compliant with the legal requirements of the European Data Protection Regulation.

The Digital HR Office brings together three solutions in one offering: Protection of your personal data, a modern communication platform for you and your employees, and complete flexibility regarding data access as well as archiving.

We’d like to introduce you to the Digital HR Office in the following short video. Enjoy!

What does the Digital HR Office offer you?

  • Legally compliant communication

    Legally compliant communication

    With the Digital HR Office, you have a flexible tool for legally compliant communication between you and your employees as well as your consultants.

  • Straightforward operation

    Straightforward operation

    The Digital HR Office is fully set up and ready for immediate use. It gives you access to the records from your payroll. If you prefer, you can maintain your complete personnel files digitally in the Digital HR Office. This will save you time in your monthly routines. You also benefit from a modern user interface, quick access, and a secure connection. The user interface is intuitive with a clear layout and an wealth of helpful information.

  • Easy access

    Easy access

    The Digital HR Office is both an archive and a transmission platform for all sensitive data. Only the users you select will have access to the documents and data sets. You can use the Digital HR Office regardless of your end device - whether PC, smartphone, or tablet. Access all the documents you need, even when you're not at the office. In terms of legal requirements, consider yourself on the safe side: Our information transfer is 100% data protection compliant.

  • Security has top priority

    Security has top priority

    In payroll accounting, all activities involve personal data that must be protected. By law, employers are obliged to handle their employees' personal data sparingly and with care. Where there is any doubt, it must be possible to prove which instruction the employer has given to an external payroll provider.

Data protection compliant work is guaranteed

Whenever personal data is exchanged, the transmission must be encrypted in accordance with the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The Digital HR Office fulfils precisely this requirement and therefore forms the basis of communication between Paychex and the users of the portal. Secure transmission is ensured at all times due to the protected environment.

The use of the Digital HR Office allows a complete record of what data has been processed and transferred to the employees. As an employer, you must be able to prove that personal information has been handled in a data protection compliant manner in the event of a dispute.

  • Whether employees or service providers: You decide who can access the records
  • Easy communication with your personal representative at Paychex
  • Data protection - naturally GDPR-compliant
  • Fully automatic archiving of your payroll accounting documents
  • Access to all your payroll records
  • Audit-proof archiving option for your personnel documents
  • Permanent auditability of the accounts
  • Employee access to the e-pay slip after activation of your employees
  • Improved data and process quality

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Maximum security

By using the Digital HR Office, we ensure the following security aspects:
  • All documents in the document archive of the Digital HR Office are stored on German servers, protected against loss and manipulation.
  • Access to the archive is highly restricted. You manage the access options and access rights. Changes to roles and authorizations can be tracked in the user history at any time.
  • The exchange of documents and information via the Digital HR Office is secure. The document archive enables the exchange in a closed cloud system. The data exchange via the Paychex portal is encrypted.
  • Every order to process personal data is logged in the Digital HR Office.

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