Becoming a customer – payroll accounting from a specialized service provider

Whether you’ve been doing your payroll yourself, have just set up your business, or have another provider for your current payroll accounting, you can switch to Paychex at any time. And with little effort.

Outsourcing can be this easy

For an international company with employees in Germany or for any company based in Germany, the steps to becoming a customer are simple:
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Details and Insights

When you outsource your payroll accounting, Paychex seamlessly picks up where your previous processes left off. From day one, we work closely with your in-house payroll department or previous service providers such as your tax adviser.

Phase - Preparation: In-depth needs analysis, starting dates and transfer periods are defined, details are coordinated for special cases, preparation of the onboarding process

Phase - Onboarding: Transfer of all necessary data, all systems are prepared for the accounting process, a test run is scheduled upon request, timely start, set-up of your digital personnel office

Phase - Workflow: We perform all payroll accounting tasks within the agreed-upon scope of services, monitoring, evaluation, regular documentation, adjustments are made as needed

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Important and useful information

  • Need of a branch office

    Need of a branch office

    You don’t need to have a branch office in Germany.

    The regulation (through § 28f para. 1b SGB IV) states that Employers without a registered office in Germany must appoint an authorized representative if they employ staff subject to social security contributions in Germany. This authorized representative is responsible for ensuring that the remuneration records are properly kept and archived. If needed our customers can rely on us acting as authorized representative on their behalf.

    If you need more information, please contact us

  • Registrations, Applications & Costs

    Registrations, Applications & Costs

    In a personal meeting, we will answer any open questions, record your details and provide you with information on the applicable costs. The costs are easy to calculate and always transparent.

    At the start of our relationship, we take care of the necessary registrations and applications for you. This includes registering with the employers' liability insurance association and applying for your company number at the employment agency.

    Should you have any questions regarding corporate taxes, we will gladly recommend tax consultancies with which we have already frequently worked to successfully assist companies.
    We would also be happy to help you with employment contracts by recommending lawyers we trust. In this way, you receive professional, tried-and-tested support as if from a single provider.

  • "Employer off Record"

    "Employer off Record"

    Do you have particular needs in terms of an "employer off record"? Here, too, we will gladly assist you with one of our partners. Please don’t hesitate to contact us.

  • Service & Security

    Service & Security

    Beside our personal service we want to share some additional service related aspects with you as international customer.

    • Do you reside in a different time zone? No problem. When it comes to arranging appointments for contract talks or information on future cooperation, we can adapt to your office hours.
    • Of course, an English-speaking payroll specialist will oversee your settlements and be your personal contact.
    • Your employees’ pay slips will be in English.
    • Data transfer is simple and 100% legally secure via our “Digital HR Office" platform.


What matters to us most at Paychex

As a specialist service provider, we aim to relieve our customers from their current payroll accounting. We want to reduce as much of your workload as possible so that you can professionalize and simplify your business processes around payroll accounting.

We emphasize:

Personalized service. We put people at the center of everything we do. Every customer gets their own contact. Every problem is solved together.

Reliability. At Paychex, you can reach your contact person on weekdays from 8am to 5pm (Friday from 8am to 3pm). We will prepare your statement within 48 hours and take a maximum of 72 hours to provide certification. We guarantee the availability of our service through our substitution policy.

Highest level of expertise. Each of our employees has received specialized instruction and is continuously trained. Our aim is always to optimally solve even the trickiest cases to the advantage of our customers.

Experience and professionalism. Experienced payroll specialists founded Paychex Deutschland over 15 years ago and Lohndata over 40 years ago. Since then, we have had great success in refining and simplifying our workflows. Every year, we continue to win over more and more customers with our service.

Take advantage of the reliability and peace of mind that comes with the support of experienced specialists.

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