GKV / ITSG-Zertifikat

The GKV certificate is the highest seal of quality of the statutory health insurance companies.

The GKV checks and certifies our payroll software at regular intervals. Only then is it possible to demonstrate the consistently high quality required to obtain approval for sensitive payroll accounting in the area of statutory health insurance.

ITSG develops and optimizes data exchange procedures on behalf of all umbrella organizations of the health insurance funds. It specializes in secure Internet communications between health care providers, employers, and health insurance companies. As a company that attaches the highest importance data protection, Lohndata is certified by the ITSG.

Here you can find our current GKV / ITSG certificate as a PDF file.

SOKA-BAU certificate

As a company specialized in construction payroll accounting, we and our payroll software are of course certified by SOKA-BAU.

SOKA-BAU is the joint name for the vacation and wage compensation fund of the construction industry (ULAK) and the supplementary pension fund of the construction industry (ZVK). These institutions maintain an account for each employee in the construction industry and also reimburse the employer for any holiday pay paid by the employer.

ELSTER certificate

The electronic tax-return system ELSTER is a project of the German tax administrations of all states and the federal government. It is used to process tax returns and tax registrations of employees, entrepreneurs, and employers online. As a highly specialized service provider for payroll accounting for the public sector, the construction industry, and the ancillary building trade, Lohndata is certified by ELSTER.



The dakota.ag program is also dedicated to secure Internet communication between employers and statutory health insurance companies. It relates to data exchange and communication based on technical systems. dakota.ag has certified Lohndata.