FAQ - frequently asked questions

Here you will find answers to frequently asked questions about Paychex

FAQ - frequently asked questions

  • What is Paychex?

    What is Paychex?

    With over 40 years of combined experience in professional payroll accounting, more than 6000 customers throughout Germany already put their trust in Paychex and the Lohndata brand. Paychex is thus one of the leading providers of payroll accounting services in Germany. Since the integration of Lessor GmbH, Paychex has been able to expand its service offering from full payroll outsourcing to the web-based do-it-yourself online service.

  • What does Paychex do?

    What does Paychex do?

    Paychex provides you with an all-round solution to your ongoing payroll needs. We request all payroll-relevant information on a monthly basis and prepare and send the payslips to your employees. Your financial accounting department or tax advisor receives all the figures they need in the form of clearly structured reports. If desired, we can also of course take care of reporting and certifications and help you to archive your data. In addition to handling your payroll, we also offer other services for you to choose from.

  • Do I have a permanent contact person as a customer?

    Do I have a permanent contact person as a customer?

    This is something we place special emphasis on with our all-round Paychex service. It’s also in our own interest to do so: After all, ongoing payroll accounting functions best when you and your contact at Paychex work hand in hand.
    Your personal contact person is therefore already assigned to you directly upon receipt of your service contract. Well-defined substitution arrangements within the team ensure that your payroll is up and running even if your specialist cannot be in the office.

  • What support is available for payroll questions?

    What support is available for payroll questions?

    The aim of our all-round service is to ensure that you deal with as few payroll issues as possible. Simply contact us about any payroll modification requests – we’ll clarify open questions with you and adjust the payroll accordingly.

  • Do employers without a registered office in Germany need an authorized representative?

    Do employers without a registered office in Germany need an authorized representative?

    From 2021, employers who do not have a registered office in Germany will need an authorized representative if they employ staff in Germany who are subject to social security contributions. The regulation is intended to ensure that the auditors of the German pension insurance and other supervisory bodies have access to wage and salary records even if an employer is not present in Germany. Paychex can act as the representative for international companies in Germany. We have a lot of experience in handling payroll accounting for employers not based in Germany, e.g. from the USA. We know the necessary formalities and will take care of managing your payroll account.

  • What kinds of companies can become Paychex customers?

    What kinds of companies can become Paychex customers?

    We do payroll for companies of all sizes in every industry, international companies, tax consultancy firms, and financial accounting firms. Our focus is on flexibility, reliability, a wide range of services, and providing a personal contact to every customer. We currently have more than 100 payroll specialists on our team, handling payroll for thousands of companies every year. Three of our areas of expertise are accounting for international companies without a registered office but with employees in Germany, construction wages, and the public sector.


  • Does Paychex specialize in international customers?

    Does Paychex specialize in international customers?

    Paychex has a lot of experience working with international customers. We offer the ideal service for international companies. We will gladly do the payroll accounting for you, including all necessary reporting to the tax authorities and public institutions such as the health insurance fund. Our service package includes not only the current payroll accounting for your employees, but also clear accounting lists and statements for financial accounting verification. Our consultation and support services can be conducted in English or German. Moreover, a large number of reports are also available in English. Our payroll specialists include a large number of native speakers - we have a dedicated team for our international customers.

  • Where can I register for the Digital HR Office?

    Where can I register for the Digital HR Office?

    You will find the access to your personal Digital HR Office in the footer area of the website. Or you can follow this link.

    If you have any questions about the Digital HR Office or would like to find out more, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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