Paychex+ for all payroll service provider

More user-friendliness, more security, more speed and, above all, more capacity for your core business.

Benefit from this plus - with Paychex+.

Paychex+ for all payroll service provider

Nowadays, so much has become more time-consuming, complex, bureaucratic and cost-intensive. Of course, this also applies to payroll accounting.

With Paychex+, we have developed a cloud-based SaaS solution that can offer you more for the current and future requirements of payroll accounting. More user-friendliness, more security, more speed and, above all, more capacity for your core business.

Benefit from this plus - with Paychex+.

Focus on your core business

Automation and efficiency - concentrate on the essentials with Paychex+

Paychex+ allows you to concentrate fully on your core business. We simplify your work processes considerably with extensive automation functions. With a high level of user-friendliness and minimal training requirements, you can quickly utilise the benefits of our platform. Say goodbye to time-consuming processes and increase your productivity with our efficient solution. Prioritise your core business and let Paychex+ do the rest.

Countering the shortage of skilled labour

Strategies against skills shortages - Paychex+ for flexibility and professionalism

With our solution, you can meet the challenges of the skills shortage with confidence. By combining the use of our Paychex+ software with our optional full service offering, you have comprehensive support options at your disposal. If staff shortages occur, you can simply fall back on our full service, where our own payroll specialists take care of your payroll accounting. This allows you to remain flexible and still ensure that payroll accounting for your clients is always processed professionally, correctly and punctually.

Increase efficiency and effectiveness

Save time, simplify processes - increase efficiency with Paychex+

Paychex+ bietet Ihnen ein schlankes Arbeitgeberportal, das Ihnen hilft, Ihre Arbeitsabläufe zu optimieren und Zeit zu sparen. Durch die Integration von Schnittstellen zu DATEV und ermöglichen wir einen nahtlosen Datenaustausch und eine effiziente Verarbeitung Ihrer Entgeltabrechnungen. Darüber hinaus können Sie direkt im Portal mit Ihren Mandanten kommunizieren, um Prozesse zu vereinfachen und Rückfragen zu minimieren. Nutzen Sie Paychex+, um Ihre Effizienz und Effektivität zu steigern.

Simply uncomplicated with Paychex+

  • Paychex Full Service Combi

    Paychex Full Service Combi

    Your advantage: Do you use Paychex+ and have capacity bottlenecks and a shortage of skilled labour? No problem!

    Paychex Full Service will temporarily take over your payroll accounting.

  • Cloud-based software

    Cloud-based software

    Cost efficiency: The need for your own IT resources is reduced as the associated maintenance and update costs are eliminated for you.

    Flexibility and mobility: Employees can access Paychex+ from anywhere as long as there is an internet connection.

    Automatic updates: P+ takes care of software maintenance, including security patches and updates.

  • Security & Compliance

    Security & Compliance

    Disaster recovery and data security: Paychex+ invests in robust security measures and backup strategies to prevent data loss and ensure rapid recovery in the event of an outage.

    Certification: Paychex+ is officially certified by the ITSG and is continuously audited during operation.

    Data security: Data is hosted in a secure German data centre.

  • Intuitive user guidance

    Intuitive user guidance

    Low training requirements: Only a short familiarisation period is required as Paychex+ is so easy to use thanks to its structured clarity.

    Highest usability: Your team benefits from a unique, intuitive user interface that is guided by the payroll process for increased productivity and a reduced error rate.

    Reduced learning curve thanks to good how-to instructions and descriptions in the Help Centre.

  • Open API integrations

    Open API integrations

    Interfaces: Possibility to link Paychex+ to other cloud-based systems such as time recording and HR systems. This synchronises all data with all systems.

    Integrations: Soon DATEV environment and

  • Automation


    All relevant files are generated and transmitted in Paychex+ at the touch of a button, e.g:

    *Wage tax declarations and certificates

    *All social security notifications

    *All required payment files

  • Multilingual


    Building bridges across language barriers: Our platform supports the internationality of your teams through bilingualism in English and German.

    This feature enables smooth communication and collaboration in global environments. The integration of this feature enables international team members whose native language is not necessarily German to use our platform to its full extent in English.

    Whether you work in a multicultural environment or operate internationally - with our bilingual feature, you are optimally equipped for successful collaboration.

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