Collaborative partners

Individual collaborations for the best possible customer experience

We constantly strive to expand and optimize our service and product portfolio.

Partnerships with national and international service providers allow us to offer customers tailored solutions for a variety of needs that currently lie outside our current portfolio. We guarantee a seamless process and close collaboration with our partners.

Collaboration with G-P

We assist you in setting up a global remote team

In this globalized world, telecommuting and remote work are more relevant than ever. An increasing number of companies are looking for new employees and talent on the global labor market or are expanding to new international locations. 

Paychex has been collaborating with G-P since 2022. As one of the leading providers of a global employment platform, the company simplifies the process of expansion for businesses. It supports companies in recruiting new talent outside Germany and facilitates entry into new markets thanks to a broad range of services. G-P can also help with subsequent plans to establish a long-term presence in the new market.

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Tax Advisors – Increasing Productivity by Outsourcing Clients

Paychex currently handles payroll for more than 400 tax advisors.

Many tax advisors also provide payroll processing for their clients alongside their traditional services. 

By delegating the administrative and often time-consuming task to service providers like Paychex, the freed-up work capacity can be easily used for the core areas of tax consulting. We offer tax advisors and accounting offices the opportunity to bill an unlimited number of clients in a flexible and legally compliant manner.

Communication with Paychex can be done directly through the client or the tax advisor.

International Payroll Collaborations

Versatile options for global companies

Paychex works directly with international payroll providers. As a so-called "fulfillment partner," we handle payroll for our international payroll partners whose clients need German payroll processing. 

Globally established companies that require payroll services in multiple countries can thus take advantage of expert professional payroll solutions from a single source. 

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