17 Mar 2022

Paychex and G-P Align to Enable Companies to Hire Globally

The new partnership makes it fast and easy for businesses to efficiently execute an international talent strategy.

Hamburg, Germany — March 18, 2022 — Paychex Deutschland GmbH, a leading provider for payroll accounting in all sectors, maintaining a worldwide network of international payroll partners and offering services for the payroll of employees of international companies working in Germany, has chosen to align with G-P, the leading global employment platform that simplifies remote team building by making it fast and easy for companies to hire anyone, anywhere in the world within minutes.

With remote work more popular than ever before, this relationship makes it easy for businesses to recruit from talent pools outside of Germany and onboard employees quickly and legally in international jurisdictions without having to navigate a host of payroll and employment complexities. In addition to accessing a whole new world of talent, this partnership provides companies a unique and invaluable way to either test new markets or to build a long-term presence in targeted locations.

“Today’s competitive employment market makes it essential for employers to expand their talent search globally,” said Diane Albano, Chief Revenue Officer, G-P. “We are happy to partner with Paychex, to help build and support an international hiring strategy that allows customers to achieve growth goals quickly.”

Tim Schütte (CEO Paychex Deutschland GmbH) also sees a high potential in the partnership with G-P: “With a post-Covid time ahead and a substantially growing economy, the German middle sized businesses are challenged with the need for finding the best talent. More than ever, this happens in international environments, either through global expansion or by finding the required talent in other countries. We are happy to partner with G-P to support our customers in their growth while providing an opportunity to G-P to offer high quality German payroll services”.

Please contact us in case you need more information or if you are interested to hear more about the cooperation and the services.


About G-P

Hire international talent quickly and easily. Use our AI-driven, automated, global employment platform supported by our in-house, worldwide HR experts. Trust the named industry leader that consistently attains 98 percent customer satisfaction ratings. G-P: Succeed Faster. To learn more, please visit: globalization-partners.com

About Paychex

Paychex Deutschland GmbH is a wholly owned subsidiary of Paychex Inc. in New York. The GmbH brings together more than 37 years of experience in payroll accounting. The head office is in Hamburg, with branches in Berlin, Dresden, Itzehoe, and Lünen. Currently, about 180 employees work for the company and the number is growing.
Paychex includes Lohndata GmbH in Berlin and the Danish Lessor Group, the leading provider of software solutions for payroll and human capital management.




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