07 Dec 2022

Credit where credit is due: Paychex’ donation to “Sternenbrücke” Children’s Hospice

“Sternenbrücke” (star bridge) Children’s Hospice in Hamburg-Rissen was the first of its kind in Northern Germany and founded in 2003 with the goal of granting solace to terminally sick children as well as their families. Enthused by the tireless efforts of the hospice’s employees, Paychex has decided to show its appreciation for the institution as well as its staff by contributing to its cause with a donation.

“Sternenbrücke” Children’s Hospice: Refuge and haven of compassion

For the past 19 years, Children’s Hospice “Sternenbrücke” has dedicated itself to offering terminally ill children, adolescents, and adults up to the age of 27 a dignified passing marked by dignity and tranquility. Besides providing care leading up to the patient’s passing, the hospice’s services include a so-called relieving care program, which aims to alleviate its patients’ suffering by means of occupational, swimming and music therapy. Confidence-building measures are not limited to the actual patients, but also extend to their families. By establishing trust with the bereaved, the hospice’s employees are able to help the deceased’s families to better cope with their loss. Increased attention is given to the defuncts’ siblings, whose needs are often neglected following the loss of their brothers and sisters.


The children’s hospice’s personnel consist of 40 nurses, physicians and social workers who work hand in hand to ensure that every family is provided with the support and care it requires. Given the enormous mental and physical strain that is imposed upon the hospice’s staff in order to realize its ambition of lessening the survivors’ pain, Paychex is delighted to manifest its admiration for these unsung heroes by offering monetary aid. Our hope is to not only add to the hospice’s consolidation, but to generate attention for what we perceive to be a worthy cause founded upon compassion, philanthropy and the sanctity of human life.


What motivated our decision to donate to the “Sternenbrücke?”

Paychex’ code of conduct is based upon the principles of egality, mutual care and individual dignity. Hence, we regard donations towards humanitarian causes to be an essential part of our company’s ethos. Last year, we were delighted to aid “Project Engelbaum” in its quest to grant impoverished children a merry Christmas by donating presents. Furthermore, we frequently support local projects such as FC Teutonia’s  “D-Jugend”, that is composed of soccer players aged 11 to 13 and which we recently supplied with new uniforms.


Similarly, our interest in the children’s hospice’s work springs from personal experience. As an internationally established company with a diverse range of employees, we are well aware of the importance of family structures in general. Many of our employees are parents themselves and therefore have a great deal of appreciation for the children hospice’s work. Needless to say, our decision to donate to “Sternenbrücke” was supported unanimously. In case you should be interested in aiding the hospice’s cause, you can do so by following this link: Donate to Children’s Hospice “Sternenbrücke”


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