23 May 2023

United we stand – Paychex US donates one million dollars to both Mental Health America and Feeding America

With two donations of one million dollars each our parent company Paychex Inc. contributes to the mitigation of human suffering within the United States. A remarkable effort!


As one of the leading brands for payroll and human resources solutions, we have been fortunate enough to accumulate a sizeable workforce. Therefore, we are very cognizant of the importance of mental health, both in one’s private and professional surroundings. A compassionate togetherness, egality and adequate work-life balance solutions are perpetuated in order to ensure that our employees’ emotional and mental well-being remains intact.

Naturally, our parent company Paychex, Inc. is equally eager to support its personnel as well as its community to the best of its abilities. In order to adhere to this ambition, Paychex US has initiated a donation of one million dollars to Mental Health America (MHA) in 2023. The offering is provided as a series of four annual disbursements of 250.000 dollars each year until 2026.


How Paychex agitates for humanitarian values

In 2022, the Paychex Charitable Foundation decided to introduce an annual multimillion-dollar commitment in service of mitigating social and economic grievances within the United States of America. That same year Paychex set in motion a donation of one million dollars to Feeding America. Like Paychex’ donation to Mental Health America, it is paid out in increments of 250.000 dollars over the course of four years.

Regarding the selection criteria for organizations subsidized by Paychex, its president and CEO John Gibson has stated:

“As a national leader in HR, payroll, and benefits, Paychex has unique insight into the challenges facing American businesses and workers. The company uses those insights to direct funding through its charitable foundation where it sees the greatest need.”

Gibson regards the mental health crisis facing the United States’ population and the national food security as essential topics which require immediate attention. By spearheading donations aimed at tackling these issues, he directly follows the philanthropic tradition of Paychex founder B. Thomas Golisano, who during his lifetime has pledged and donated more than 300 million dollars to various charitable causes.

The Paychex Charitable Foundation was founded in 2014 and serves as the main tool for the organization and execution of charitable ambitions maintained by Paychex, Inc. Its declared goal is the monetary support of four critical areas necessary for furthering public well-being: mental health, physical health, financial health, and professional skills development – the latter being identified as the basis for personal economic growth and thus a secure livelihood.


Mental Health America

“We’re proud to partner with Mental Health America, an organization at the forefront of mental health awareness, education, and providing resources to communities around the country.”

- John Gibson

Worldwide, people are facing increased emotional turmoil due to rising energy prices, low wages, or inadequate working conditions. Based in Alexandria, Virginia, Mental Health America – formerly known as National Mental Health Association – is widely regarded as one of the pioneers in the field of mental health awareness within the United States. Furthermore, the organization, which was founded in New York State in 1924, has been tirelessly fighting for the alleviation of emotional and psychological maladies as well as the advancement of scientific research pertaining to the field of psychopathology. In an interview with Paychex, MHA CEO Schroeder Stribling had the following to say about his organization’s cooperation with Paychex: “We are thrilled to see Paychex recognize this crucial moment and honored to be the first grant recipients under this program.”


Feeding America

“Food security is a driving factor in overall health and well-being, providing the foundation to achieve quality education and economic stability in our local communities.”

- John Gibson

Feeding America is the largest hunger-relief organization in the US and entertains more than 200 food banks, which provide a total of 46 million citizens with proper sustenance. According to estimations, the organization has served a total of 5.2 billion meals in 2022 alone – therefore contributing significantly to the nation’s efforts of decreasing food insecurity across the country. Regarding its cooperation with Paychex Lauren Bieldon, who serves as the vice president of Feeding America, had the following to say: “Impacting nearly 34 million people in the US, food insecurity is an issue that exists in every county, parish, and borough in the country. Which is why we are grateful for partners like Paychex, who are showing up to help local communities thrive. With their support, we can continue to advance change and ensure equitable access to nutritious food for all.”

The Paychex Germany team is not only elated but proud to be granted the opportunity to act as the subsidiary of an enterprise that intercedes for its fellow men in such a substantial manner.


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