25 Jan 2023

Employee interview with Andreas Krech

Andreas Krech, teamlead payroll - CSS, is responsible for the payroll specialist team that serves our international clients. In our interview, he tells us about the service we offer to international customers and what foreign companies can expect from Paychex.

Andreas, you are the team leader responsible for supporting our international customers. How do your career and professional background look like?

After finishing my apprenticeship, I worked in accounting and tax consulting for various employers. Along my career I successfully became an accountant at the IHK.

I joined Paychex in 2018, and due to my two decades of experience in accounting, taxes and payroll, I eventually became a supervisor. My current task consists of leading our team of payroll specialists for international customers and their unique requirements.


What is your scope of work? 

My team of specialists tackles the unique challenges non-domestic clients face when having to deal with German payroll accounting. We assist them with avoiding the problems arising from language barriers as well as issues with authorities that may stem from said communication problems.

We process the clients’ data inputs, advise them on missing or possibly inconclusive data and ultimately calculate social security contributions, registrations and de-registrations with the various authorities involved. Furthermore, we provide a number of reports - from the standard payslip to special reports Paychex offers like the master report.


What can international customers expect? 

We provide advice and support on questions regarding payroll andinform the client when data is either missing, inconclusive or not quite plausible. We also point out potential issues that may need additional evaluation by legal or tax counsellors. Unfortunately, we are limited in that we are not allowed to provide legal advice or advice in matters of taxation.


What is important to you in your daily work?

We are heavily reliant on the client´s data input. So it is very important for us to be able to communicate clearly and directly in both answering the clients’ queries and having queries that might arise from the input be resolved quickly in order to be able to create accurate payrolls on time.


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